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Annual Conference

Welcome to the Annual Conference Page of Threshing Floor Prayer Ministries.

Every Year in the Month of August , Threshing Floor Prayer Ministries holdsa 3-day long Conference.

This Year (2014) Threshing Floor Prayer Ministries Conference will be holding its 2nd Annual Conference on August 15 – 17,2014 at the Wyndham Dallas Suites Park Central located at 7800 Alpha Road, Dallas TX 75420.

THEME: Resurrecting Your Faith

Please see the flyer at the bottom of this page for more information.

Powerful and anointed men and women of God will be ministering. Pastor Gary Oliver anointed to preach and worship. Prophetess. Sarah Morgan Prophetic Voice to the Nations, Trail Blazer in prayer, your prayer life will go to a higher dimension. Dr. Renee Hornbuckle anointed to preach with power and authority, Apostle Noel all the way from London, prayer warrior, Evg. Mike Okenwa teaches with revelation of the word of God.

For More Information Contact: Sharon: 214-475-6116 or Alice: 214-454-5953

FREE ADMISSION - You can not afford to miss! A must attend conference!!

Conference Speaker Bios

Apostle Noel Reid

Apostle Noel Reid has been a Ministering servant of God from the age of seventeen; having been bred from a family of Pastors and leading Ministers in their community; working for God has been the confession on his lips from a very young age. Proverbs: 22.28.

The Apostle believes in the Word without compromise, focusing on building a strong spiritual core, through the teaching of Gods people, instructing them on the ways of the father, regarding everyday topics, establishing you the believer, as set apart where ever you should go.

Noel’s ministry is one of a humble servant, gifted in the area of counsel and edification, which is why ‘Way Ministries “was established. It focuses on reaching out to men, making them the master of their homes again and prince of their castles as God had originally planned. At home in Surrey, England; with his wife of 21 years; they are heavily focused on setting up the Core Strength in the homes of many of the families, through the Cell Ministries. Their Moto ‘We Are an Armoury’ is understood by those who know them.

Apostle Noel is a father to many but has three biological children and a spiritually adopted daughter, all equally involved in serving our king.

Conference Speaker Video Promos

Bishop Gary Oliver

Prophetess Sarah Morgan

Dr Renee Hornbuckle